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Hart and Kim Marriage and Pregnancy ????

I’m posting this but please do not believe everything you read, I personally do think Kim is pregnant but he doesn’t have any form of social media to confirm anything. If and when he gets married or if they do have a child I’m sure his team mates will post their congratulations so I guess we just have to wait

Anonymous asked: hi! i saw the photos of a girl that Joe has posted on twitter and I was wondering if he and Kimberly had split up. Sorry for the disturb and for my non perfect english! :)

The english is fine aha
Joe doesn’t in fact have any social media and does not have his own twitter account so as far as I know Kim and Joe are still happily together 

Anonymous asked: What is joe harts natural hair colour ? Is he naturally dark blonde but dyes it lighter?

"One thing matters … I do like to look after myself but I promise my hair colour is natural!” - Joe Hart

Hope this helps haha